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Another JEE, another year of results. Again a year knocks the remarkable, exceptional cream of the crop with confusion, uncertainty and of course puzzlement. They must be going through the state of confusion thinking about their choices and the diversity of branches in different IITs. We understand that you must be wedged in a puzzle and understanding the state of mind and the jammed state of the JEE crackers, here is a piece of information for those who aspire to take System Science at IIT Rajasthan.

The Bachelors of Technology program in Systems Science has the aspiration to educate the students to become critical engineer scientists in the spirit of systems, such as engineering systems, cognitive systems, ecological systems, business & financial systems and complex networked systems with different domains of applications on society. The course is structured in such a way that enables students to observe different patterns of system and study the entire life cycle of a system. The system can be any system in particular as above but the focus is the detailed study of the system to create and build models that are potent of solving problems that face humanity. Also the aim does not end up with the model built but it also encompasses other aspects such as operation, control, analysis and verification of the system. Complex systems engineering with the focus on the underlying mathematical foundations forms the essence of this program. As we know there is a little difference between system science and system engineering. System science is all about studying system to build models whereas system engineering is the application of the built model to build further systems and thus to become a thriving system engineer studying system science forms the base of the pyramid.

The domain of investigation of systems science consists of properties of systems and associated problems which emanate from the notion of system-hood. Due to the growing complexity of systems, the need of studying systems science is utmost important and significant and hence the coming of System Science in IIT Rajasthan. In particular, to deal with variety of situations in communication systems, ecological systems, physical systems, social systems, that appear today, the fast growing use of mathematical and statistical methods can be observed. This calls for the development of systematic sophisticated conceptual framework of mathematical and statistical methods that helps understanding the behavior of complex systems, and identifying the system-hood properties of a real system. Moreover, the subtle mathematical abstraction also can gainfully be extended to design new complex systems that may overcome the difficulty of a state of affairs. Thus System Science basically strives to meet the demand for presentation of interdisciplinary research concerned with applications of systems analysis methods to computer science and engineering. This course is recommended for aspirants who wish to become system engineers making full use of software and hardware, financial engineering, sustainability and high-performance computing and hence it’s a very good option for those students who wish to have detailed study of computer science systems with its widespread applications on socially relevant problems especially energy issues.

In the first three semesters students will be educated in basic science, engineering science, social science and interdisciplinary science courses in systems perspective that help them to understand the dynamics of physical systems. In the following semesters, main emphasis will be on mathematics, statistics and some Systems Science courses. Students will have full freedom to opt for various open-elective courses in any branches of their choice like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Elective courses in Systems Science will be offered along with the core systems science courses. Students in Systems Science will have the full freedom to choose one SS elective course. In the final year, student is free to do the project in systems engineering. There will be technical courses offered during summer as well as winter by institute and reputed industries and students would experience the complexity and challenge in industry.

This will lead the student to earn a degree as – B-Tech in System Science with specialization in their respective field chosen.

Now the future options available apart from job, MBA, M-Tech or PhD is the entrepreneurship as System Science students are believed to be job creators. Talking about the job prospects, Systems science draws on mathematics, computer science, natural and social sciences and engineering to address complex problems in the public and private sectors. Systems concepts and techniques are extensively used for both applied and research purposes. The areas of research are  general systems and control theory, systems identification, modeling and simulation, systems optimization ,large scale control systems, manufacturing systems, distributed computer systems and computer networks, complex networks, knowledge-based and intelligent systems, decision support systems and expert systems, applications of systems analysis to technical, management, communication and transport. In industry and government, considerable demand exists for professionals who are skilled in modern methods of decision making and systems design and who are capable of managing complex social and technical systems. Systems theorists also continue to make important contributions to the growth of knowledge within academic disciplines and to the application of knowledge across disciplinary boundaries.

System science/engineering is one of the most demanded courses in Europe and America. And there is no doubt that it will be one of the most demanded branches in India in future.

More details on the B.Tech curriculum can be found at http://iitj.ac.in/ss/btechp.html


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